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Reflex Toric (PB)

A high water-content SiHy soft lens with an extensive parameter range – the ideal choice for the specialist practitioner.

The Reflex Toric (Prism Ballast) is a 74% water-content soft lens designed for even the highest prescriptions. Reflex Toric is the new generation of our highly successful range of soft back Toric lenses. 

The lens is available in a wide range of parameters.

When choosing the BC, add 0.5 to 0.7 mm to the FLAT K value. Calculate BVC for the spectacles prescription sphere and cylinder. Use the LARS rule to calculate the cylinder axis. For best results please provide us with keratometry readings and spec RX and we will select suitable parameters.

When evaluating the lens you should look for good movement and centration. Any rotation should be measured and note if the rotation is stable. Use the LARS rule to recalculate for stable rotation. If the rotation is unstable consider reordering with a steeper base curve


  • 74% water-content lens with an extensive parameter range
  • For correction of corneal and partial residual astigmatism



Definitive Silicone Hydrogel as standard
Other materials available on request
Manufacturing Process Lathe Cut
DK 60
Base Curve 8.60mm std
or 8.10 to 9.30 in 0.30 steps
Diameter 13.50, 14.50, 15.00 in 0.10 steps
Power Range +20.00 to -20.00 (0.25D Steps)
Centre Thickness 0.19 mm @ -3.00DS
Cylinder Up to -12.00D
Axis Any
Lens Design Front Lenticulated with prism ballast
Lens Design Back Back surface toric
Handling Tint Blue
Orientation Mark Single mark at 270
Packaging Vial


Powers outside above range are available on request.

Kevin Taylor

Technical Director

We have a dedicated technical support team, headed by Kevin, with decades of experience ready to help and advise you on any fitting issues. If you need support, please call: 


01424 850620

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I order these lenses empirically
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How long will it take to manufacture lenses
Standard delivery time is 4 days. However, we are able to accomodate more urgent orders. If you need to receive your lenses more urgently, please tell us the the time of order.
What is the returns policy?
We offer a standard 90 day full refund (minus handling charge) on Quasar lenses.

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