The Onefit MED – More design options than any other scleral lens!

Onefit MED

An intuitive scleral lens that provides you with control to customise the ideal lens for highly irregular and medically indicated cornea or even normal corneas when a larger diameter is needed. 

Onefit MED provides practitioners with complete control over their scleral lens designs and fits.  With a standard diameter of just 15.6mm, Onefit MED is unique and simplifies the fitting process for a wide range of applications. Designed to allow the practitioner to fully customise the fit, adjustments are possible in four (4) separate zones of the lens (Central, Mid-Peripheral, Limbal and Edge). To easily find the exact location of the Mid-Peripheral and Limbal zones, the Dx lenses are etched with solid lines that can be observed at the slit lamp or OCT image. Onefit MED minimises both lens thickness and tear layer, maximising oxygen transmission to the cornea and stem cells. The design serves as its own platform from which Multifocal, Oblate and Front Toric geometries can be ordered.

Onefit MED is very predictable and the final lens parameters can be determined, as well as visualised, using the Onefit MED Fitting Tool.

Onefit MED Explainer Graphic

Onefit MED minimises both lens thickness and tear layer required to support the lens, to optimise oxygen transmission to the cornea and stems cells, for long-term ocular health.

With a trial set composed of 20 lenses, practitioners can fit:

  • Irregular Corneas
  • Ectactic Corneas (moderate to severe)
  • Nipple & Oval Cones
  • Post-RK, Post-LASIK
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Ocular Surface Disease
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Normal Prolate Corneas
  • Pingueculas or other growths, shunts or scleral elevation – utilising Controlled Peripheral Recess*

Design Options for Onefit MED include:  Spherical, Multifocal, Toric, Toric Haptic, Oblate, Oblate Multifocal, Quadrant Specific, Controlled Peripheral Recess (CPR)*.

*Controlled Peripheral Recess, or “CPR” technology, is a manufacturing process that creates a precise, controlled and reproducible peripheral recess to accommodate pingueculas, scleral shunts, and other scleral elevations that may contribute to lens discomfort and/or poor lens centration. CPR technology is available in Spherical, Oblate, Multifocal, Front Toric, Toric Haptic, and Quadrant Specific specifications. Up to two recesses can be created on a lens!

The extremely user-friendly CPR Tool keeps you in total control of CPR placement and size, simplifies the design and ordering process, and provides a visual representation of the lens design.  You can connect directly to the CPR Tool, along with other innovative fitting tools, at

Benefits provided by Onefit MED lenses include superior comfort, stability of fit, vision that remains consistent throughout the wearing time, reduced glare and starbursts and reduced dryness.  Although designed for more advanced irregular patients, the attributes of this lens design also make it an ideal lens for athletes and active wearers, unhappy soft and soft toric lens wearers, and intolerant corneal GP wearers.  Onefit MED lenses offer the crisp vision of a GP while providing the comfort of a soft lens.

Onefit MED is supported by the conjunctiva and the fluid layer under the lens, rather than by the cornea. It is designed to vault the entire corneal surface including the limbal area.

The clearance over the cornea can be fully customised from centre to periphery optimises oxygen transmission to the tissue, especially over the limbus where the stem cells are located. Current published work indicates that fluid layer thickness is an important concern with scleral lenses. With an estimated DK value of 80, an excessively thick fluid layer under the lens can deprive the cornea and stem cells of sufficient oxygenation.

Keeping the Harvitt-Bonanno and Holden-Mertz criteria in mind, Onefit MED has been designed to maximise oxygen transmission when combining the lens and tear layer thickness.  Its unique geometry and design option reduces the thickness of the tear layer from the centre out to the limbal area.

Optimum results in fit and corneal health are achieved by minimising lens thickness (between 200-250 microns) combined with clearance of 150 to 175 microns at the apex of the cornea, or in the area where the cornea is steepest (e.g. host-graft corneal junction) with optimal limbal clearance. The lens peripheral edge should align with the conjunctiva. Onefit MED is manufactured in materials offering a minimum permeability of 100 DK.


20 Lenses with Toric Periphery

Sag Height

4000, 4150, 4300, 4350, 4400, 4450, 4500, 4550, 4600, 4650, 4700, 4800, 4900, 5000, 5150, 5300, 5450, 5600, 5750, 5900

Diameter 15.6mm
M Value Standard
L Value Standard
E Value +75 / -75
Dx Toric Periphery lenses are etched with their respective sag value and the letters STD/ Toric Periphery indicating that the M and L values are standard and the E value is +75 / -75


  • No bearing on the corneal surface
  • Fantastic comfort due to scleral landing
  • Simple to fit
  • Excellent value
  • Optimum materials for excellent wetting
  • Visual acuity of a rigid lens
  • Available on Lenses for Life planned replacement


Sag Height / Diameter:

15.6 mm standard –

16.0 mm –

16.4 mm –

3800 to 6200 in 50 micron steps

3800 to 6600 in 50 micron steps

4000 to 6600 in 50 micron steps

Mid-Peripheral Value (M)

+200 to -200 in 25 micron steps

Limbal Value (L)

+200 to -200 in 25 micron steps

Edge (E)

+250 to -250 in 25 micron steps


Onefit MED Fitting Guide

A guide to fitting Onefit MED.

Onefit MED Information Sheet

A brief introduction to the features and benefits of Onefit MED.

Onefit MED - Patient Instructions Overview

A brief guide to lens care & handling of Onefit MED Scleral Lenses.

Onefit MED - Detailed Patient Instructions

A comprehensive guide to lens care & handling of Onefit MED Scleral Lenses.

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