Medmont Meridia

The Medmont Meridia is a new multi-purpose clinical diagnostic tool designed with powerful topography and dry eye applications to help you improve patient outcomes and grow your business.

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Medmont Meridia

Multi-purpose diagnostic tool

The Medmont Meridia is a multipurpose diagnostic tool available in two models – Classic and Professional


Built from the successful concepts of the E300, the Medmont Meridia Classic offers proven best-in-class topography, enhanced with a larger colour field-of-view and ergonomic quick keys for navigating the software.


The Medmont Meridia Professional adds to the features of the Classic with anterior, fluorescein, and meibomian gland imaging and videos. The Professional model also features a suite of insightful reports designed to aid professional collaboration and patient engagement for a more efficient and effective fitting process.

Medmont Meridia Video Series

Medmont Meridia’s top 10

In this series of 10 videos, Katie Harrop MCOptom takes you on a tour of the Medmont Meridia’s many practice building features. Katie gives a brief functional overview before discussing how to apply these features in practice – to improve patient outcomes and create new, reliable revenue streams. Features of both the Classic and Professional models are covered.

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Medmont Meridia features list

Medmont Meridia – Professional

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The Medmont Meridia is a versatile clinical evaluation tools that provides a new level of clarity and visual clinical support. Here a some of the built-in applications.

Limbus to Limbus Topography

Detailed Fluorescein Imaging & Video

Premium Anterior Imaging & Video

Enhanced Meibography Imaging

Easy Tear Meniscus Measurements

Collaborative Dry Eye Views

See clearly, treat optimally

The Medmont Meridia features an unrivalled capture area, delivering more real data in a single image to help avoid the pitfalls of guesswork. And, with high-resolution color imaging, Medmont Meridia elevates the user experience, enhancing and improving the process of data interpretation.

Medmont Meridia

Topography simplified

The Medmont Meridia incorporates an advanced ergonomic design with five quick keys built on to the instrument. This design, coupled with software guidance tools encourages a smooth workflow and creates a seamless experience for patient and practitioner.

Encourage patient engagement

The Medmont Meridia is designed to encourage patient engagement. Improved engagement leads to better patient compliance, repeat practice visits, and more referral business. Clearly presented and meaningful patient reports help facilitate patient consultations around treatment strategies.

Medmont Meridia

Why Invest in the Medmont Meridia?


More Clarity

The Medmont Meridia offers you comprehensive patient information throughout the diagnostic case workflow.


More Convenience

A guided and intuitive software interface coupled with ergonomic quick keys, improves the user experience.


More Confidence

High-resolution imaging helps to improve accuracy in patient evaluations, fittings, and the design of treatment plans.

End-to-end Support

The Medmont Meridia is a considered purchase. You need to know you can extract the full potential of your new investment. We’ve developed a reputation for industry leading training and support to ensure you can achieve this goal.

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