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ICD FlexFit

ICD FlexFit is a family of vaulting miniscleral contact lenses designed to achieve excellent results with even the most challenging eye shapes.

The ICD FlexFit range can be ‘flexed’ in diameter from 14.5 to 17.00mm in 0.1mm increments. Fitting sets include the standard 14.8mm and 16.3mm diameter lenses.

When ‘flexing’ the lens diameter, ICD FlexFit’s auto-adjusting design feature helps to maintain the desired level of apical clearance. This eliminates the need for the practitioner to calculate adjacent zones, saving valuable chair time and resulting in fewer errors.

For patients who have a pinguecula, quadrant-specific edge clearance can be specified.

ICD FlexFit is available as a front-surface toric when residual astigmatism exists.

ICD FlexFit 14.8

ICD FlexFit 14.8 can be ‘flexed’ from 14.5mm to 15.5mm and is suitable for patients with normal, regular corneas. The use of patent-pending Scribe Mark technology helps to ensure optimal limbal clearance.

ICD FlexFit 14.8 is perfect for:

  • Toric soft lens wearers who are unhappy with their vision
  • Patients who have dropped out of soft or RGP lens wear due to lack of comfort
  • Patients suffering from dry eye symptoms
  • Patients who require protection from dry, dusty or windy environments
  • High astigmat & high prescriptions

ICD FlexFit 16.3

To ensure the lens lands appropriately on the cornea, ICD FlexFit 16.3 uses Dual Depth Periphery technology. Dual Depth Periphery improves:

  • Rotational stability
  • Lens fit
  • Comfort
  • Wearing time

ICD FlexFit 16.3 is perfect for patients with:

  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid marginal degeneration
  • Post-refractive surgery
  • Ocular surface disease
  • Corneal transplants
  • Keratoglobus

Fitting Guide Download

Please click the link below to download the ICD FlexFit Fitting Guide:




ICD FlexFit offers the following features and benefits:

  • The ability to ‘flex’ the diameter from 14.5mm to 17mm in 0.1mm increments
  • An auto-adjustment system that automatically maintains the correct apical adjustment when the diameter is ‘flexed’
  • Dual Depth Periphery design that  improves rotational stability, lens fit, comfort and wearing times (16.3 design only)
  • Patent-pending technology that uses scribe marks on the lens periphery to show limbal clearance (14.8 design only)
  • The use of tangent angles rather than curves to deliver optimal peripheral and limbal clearance
  • A front toric design
To Px prescription, contact the Technical team on 01424 850620 for more information.
ICD FlexFit

ICD FlexFit Fitting Guide

A comprehensive guide to fitting ICD FlexFit

ICD FlexFit 16.3 Sales Aid

An introduction to ICD FlexFit 16.3

ICD FlexFit 14.8 Sales Aid

An introduction to ICD FlexFit 16.3

ICD FlexFit Decision Grid

A helpful guide to selecting your first diagnostic lens

Kevin Taylor

Technical Director

We have a dedicated technical support team, headed by Kevin, with decades of experience ready to help and advise you on any fitting issues. If you need support, please call: 


01424 850620

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I order these lenses empirically
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How long will it take to manufacture lenses
Standard delivery time is 4 days. However, we are able to accomodate more urgent orders. If you need to receive your lenses more urgently, please tell us the the time of order.
What is the returns policy?
We offer a standard 90 day full refund (minus handling charge) on Quasar lenses.

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