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From November 1st 2020, SwissLens will officially acquire the complete Lunelle® product portfolio from CooperVision. As an official partner of SwissLens, No7 Contact Lenses will become the exclusive distributor of all Lunelle® products in the UK.

If you have patients who are currently wearing Lunelle lenses and you have any question about continuity of supply, our friendly customer services team will be happy to help. Please fill out the form or give us a call on: 01424 850620

ES70 Material

Through intensive research, ES70 has been proven to be one of the safest and healthiest soft lens materials available. ES70 is versatile too and can be adapted for use in the correction of all types of visual defects with optimum safety.

Outstanding Oxygen Permeability

Material oxygen permeability is an important parameter to consider when fitting any contact lens. For soft lenses, material permeability is related to its water content.

The ES70 material used for Lunelle lenses has a hydrophily of 70% and yet has a permeability (Dk) four times higher than that of HEMA and twice as high as that of a material with 55% hydrophily.

The choice of a non-ionic material gives good resistance to deposits on the lens and therefore an optimal supply of oxygen throughout the life of the lens.

ES70 is composed of non-ionic polymers which deliver a limited amount of protein substances to the lens surface, ensuring better visual quality.

70% Water Content

Outstanding Oxygen Permeability

Composed of Non-ionic Polymers

All Day Comfort

Great Vision Throughout the Day 

The geometry of Lunelle lenses enables good mobility. This allows an excellent flow of tears between the lens and the eye and ensures optimal ocular health. This ‘pumping’ effect also contributes to a higher oxygen supply. When combined with ES70s high water content the metabolism of the eye remains practically unchanged so patients can enjoy great comfort and vision all day.


ES70 Composition

PMMA Robust and transparent
PVP Ensures a stable water content


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