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Elements Hybrid

Elements Hybrid is the result of over 5 years of intensive research & development by LCS laboratories, France. The innovative EyeBrid-inside technology underlying the hybrid lens enables the creation of a polymeric suture between the soft and RGP materials.

Elements Hybrid is a next-generation contact lens for daily wear. The lens consists of a central zone made of a high Dk RGP material and a soft Silicone Hydrogel peripheral skirt. 

Elements Hybrid offers an excellent and flexible fitting strategy with a broad range of radii and lens power for all patients.

Who is Elements Hybrid for?

  • Wearers of RGP lenses having problems relating to comfort, centration or stability
  • Keratoconus and other corneal irregularities, including highly complex irregular corneas
  • All astigmatisms that can potentially be fitted with RGPs
  • All high ametropias
  • Wearers of Piggyback lenses
  • Unilateral or occasional wear
Fitting Elements Hybrid is easy and effective when you follow these 3 simple steps: 

  1. Fit
  2. Evaluate
  3. Prescribe

1: Fit

Normal Corneas

Fitting Rule

  • BC = Kflat
  • Power = Spectacle refraction (vertex corrected)


Irregular Corneas


Fitting Rule

  • Fit the patient with an RGP from your standard RGP fitting set (TD < 9.5mm)
  • BC of RGP = BC of Elements Hybrid Lens
  • Power = P trial lens + over-refraction

2: Evaluate

  1. Assess visual acuity and over-refraction
  2. Perform a slit lamp examination and evaluate the lens as a soft lens
  3. Remove the lens after several hours of wear and check corneal integrity


The lens has to be well centred and should move as a soft lens


If no local staining is apparent the patient can continue to wear lenses

3: Prescribe 

Normal Corneas


Elements Hybrid with 10mm RGP zone



Keratometry: 7.45 @ 160/7.26 @ 070

Spectacle refraction: -8.25/-1.50 x 160


Elements Hybrid, 10mm RGP zone 7.45/14.90/-7.50


Irregular Corneas


Elements Hybrid with 8.5mm RGP zone



Keratometry: 6.80 @ 056/6.10 @ 146

RGP lens fitted: 6.60/8.80/-6.00

Over-refraction: -2.25 6/6


Prescribe :

Elements Hybrid, 8.5mm RGP zone 6.60/14.90/-8.25


Trouble Shooting

If centration and/or mobility are unsatisfactory, change the skirt:

– Skirt too steep?  Flatten by J +0.5

– Skirt too flat? Steepen by J -0.5


If staining, verify the fluorescein pattern at removal and change BC:

Staining in the centre? The lens is too flat.

Steepen BC by -0.10 and add -0.50D

Staining at junction area? The lens is too steep.

Flatten BC by +0.10 and add +0.50D


Too Flat

Optimal Fit


An Example


Keratometry: 7.45 @ 160/7.26 @ 070

Spectacle refraction: -8.25/-1.50 x 160


Lens Prescribed

Elements Hybrid with 10mm RGP: 7.45/-7.50/J 0



Decentred lens | No corneal staining



Skirt steepened by -0.5 | No change of BC



Elements Hybrid 10mm RGP: 7.45/-7.50/J -0.50


When to Opt for a Toric


Back Toric Lens

When? Only if the cornea is regular and if the corneal astigmatism is >4.0D (> 0.80mm).

Why? The objective of the back toric is to stabilise the lens.


Front Toric Lens

When? If the corneal shape doesn’t require a back-surface toric lens and if the astigmatism over-refraction is >0.75D.

Why? Front toric lenses compensate an over-refraction for wearers with astigmatism.


Bi-toric Lens

When? If the corneal shape requires a back-toric lens and if toric over-refraction is >0.75D


Lens Selection Algorithm 

  • Great comfort thanks to the Silicone Hydrogel soft skirt
  • The visual acuity of a rigid lens
  • Excellent centration and a simple fitting protocol even on difficult corneas
  • Spherical aberration control provided by a high definition aspheric design
  • A broad range of diameters, radius and lens power for all wearers
  • Total respect of ocular health:
  • A high level of oxygen permeability (Dk 100)

    A UV filter that filters 99% of UV-A and 97% of UV-B

    No micro-bubbles nor 3/9 o’clock staining

    No corneal erosion

    A  flexible wear schedule enabling both daily and occasional wear


  • ESiH + uv blocker
  • RGP central zone: RoFlufocon D (blue)
  • Soft skirt: Filcon V3 (colourless)
Water Content Silicone Hydrogel 50%
Dk RGP central zone: 100 Soft skirt: 50
Centre thickness 0.20mm
Design Spherical, Back/Front/Bi-Toric and Multifocal
RGP Diameter 8.50mm and 10.00mm (for regular corneas)
Diameter 14.90 mm (15.50 mm possible)
Base curve From 5.50 to 10.00 mm in 0.05 mm steps Back toricity from 0.30 to 1.80 mm in 0.05 mm steps
Soft Skirt J 0.0 (standard skirt) – From -1.0 to +1.0 in 0.5 steps
Power From -40.00 to +40.00 D in 0.25 D steps Cyl. from -0.50 to -6.00 D in 0.25 D steps – all axis
Wearing Schedule Daily wear
Replacement 6-monthly
Lens care Peroxide solution or multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses (No7 recommends Oté Sensation) If a separate daily cleaner is needed No7 recommends Oté Clean

Lens Insertion



Lens Removal

Lens Removal with Plunger



 Lens Removal with Finger Pinch



Elements Hybrid Fitting Guide

Fitting Elements Hybrid is easy when you follow 3 easy steps…

Elements Hybrid Information Sheet

An introduction to the features and benefits of Elements Hybrid.

Elements Hybrid vs Soft Toric

With Elements Hybrid you’ll find the perfect design for your unsuccessful soft toric patients.

Kevin Taylor

Technical Director

We have a dedicated technical support team, headed by Kevin, with decades of experience ready to help and advise you on any fitting issues. If you need support, please call: 


01424 850620

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