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With over 300 centres and 15,000 happy wearers accross the UK, it’s clear to see why EyeDream is the industry leading ortho-k design.

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Simple. Flexible. Powerful

Seamless integration with over 30 topographers, intuitive tab based navigation and detailed map views… the EyeDream app’s simple yet flexible approach gives you the power to achieve successful patient and practice outcomes.

End-to-end Support

Need support? You’ve got it. Every EyeDream centre receives comprehensive end-to-end support from our dedicated and experienced team, including…

Technical Support

With a over 50 years of combined experience our Technical Services team are always ready and available to support you with EyeDream lens fitting issues.

Professional Support

Since EyeDream was launced in 2002 our team has been comitted to delivering industry leading clinical and professional support – now to over 300 practices.

Marketing Support

We have a comprehensive range of marketing materials and in-practice training aimed at helping to keep you and your team on message and your practice profitable.


Educational Support

Our EyeDream educational support is unparallelled. In 15 years we’ve delivered over 150 ortho-k educational events to over 2000 delegates accross the UK and Ireland.

Shout it Loud!

We offer a comprehensive package of patient marketing materials, from brochures to banners, web content and more. Best of all it’s FREE. We’re even happy to customise materials to include your details and brand.

Get EyeDream Ready

Website text, lifestyle images, explainer videos and much more… We have all the marketing resources you need to get your practice and website EyeDream ready. Click the button below to see what we’ve got.

Professional and Educational Support

Confidence… that’s what our Professional Services team aim to give every EyeDream practitioner. Whether your just starting out or you have 100 patients, it’s good to know you have support from the team that set the standard.

We host Ortho-k and Myopia Control events accross the UK. Click below to check out our upcoming dates.

Technical Support

Whether you need technical assistance with an EyeDream lens fit or your having trouble taking topography, we’ve got it covered. We have a dedicated technical support team, headed by Kevin Taylor, with decades of experience, ready to help and advise you.

If you need support, please call: 

01424 850620

EyeDream for Children

Myopia Control

Myopia is at epidemic levels. It is predicted that 5o% of all children will suffer from short-sightedness by 2050. EyeDream offers practitioners, patients and parents hope; a way to control myopia progression and avoid the risk of associated future compliations.

Active lifestyles

EyeDream offers children the freedom and confidence to swim, play sports and enjoy an active lifestyle without the restrictions of specs or contact lenses.

Peace of mind

EyeDream lenses are worn at night and at home so lens wear & care can be monitored – And, no more lost specs and contacts!


Prevelance of myopia in children by 2050

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