SOClear Multifocal

SOClear corneo-scleral lenses are designed to distribute pressure evenly over the corneal and scleral surfaces, delivering a unique combination of visual performance consistent with RGP lenses along with comfort and stability equal to hydrogel materials.

SOClear is a corneo-scleral contact lens with an average diameter similar to that of a soft contact lens, providing excellent initial comfort and rapid adaptation times. The lens shows smaller movement on blink than an RGP lens and sits comfortably under the patient's lid, reducing lid interaction and increasing lens comfort.

It has long been acknowledged that the levels of vision achieved with RGP lenses are often considerably greater than those obtained with soft lenses. SOClear provides visual performance consistent with these rigid lens optics. A stable lens fit combined with the tear lens optics enables correction of significant regular and irregular astigmatism without the need for complex toric designs.

SOClear is manufactured in Boston XO®, which delivers good stability and excellent oxygen transmission. Its highly wettable surface ensures wearer comfort is maintained for long periods and reduces the dryness sensations often associated with soft lens wear. SOClear lenses are also plasma treated to further enhance wettability and all-day comfort.

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Type No. Lenses Parameters Cleaning/Sterilisation
Standard 18

7.11 - 8.65 / TD 14.00

Follow hospital sterilisation protocol for RGP lenses

Std + Kera

  • Initial Comfort
  • Adaptation
  • Durability
  • Resistance to Dehydration
  • Low Infection Risk
  • Maximum Visual Acuity
  • High Oxygen Transmission
Design Standard
Material Optimum Extra / Boston XO
DK 100 / 130
Tint Optimum Extra - blue and clear, Boston XO - ice blue and clear
Base Curve 7.10 to 10.50mm (0.01mm steps)
Reverse Curve N/A
Optic Zone 9.60mm
Diameter 13.30 to 15.00mm
BVP +20.00 to -25.00D
Peripheral Curves Full range of curves to match flat and steep scleral profiles (20 steps flatter or steeper)

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