Next Generation Hybrids

CET Accredited Lecture

Keen to fit more hybrids but lack the confidence to try?

Hybrid lenses have come a long way since the bad old days!  Modern hybrids are suitable for patients needing complex correction but also those patients in your practice who just deserve to see better than they do in soft torics.  This course will help you see the benefits these lenses can provide for you and your patients and give you the practical skills to fit them.

The aim of our one day course is to enhance fitting skills through small workshop groups and practical fitting demonstrations. Targeted at both the novice and the expert these small, intimate courses will demystify hybrid lens fitting. Presentations are followed by hands-on workshops, where delegates will be encouraged to fit lenses on each other under supervision.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Introduce the principles of  hybrid lens correction options
  • Understand their uses for both normal and irregular corneas.
  • Design review, material options, ‘why, what and when’
  • Patient selection and fitting techniques. Successful adjustments.
  • Handling hybrid lenses; applying and removing, patient instruction
  • Trouble-shooting complicated cases
  • Explore differences in design, materials and fitting processes
  • Communicating for success and patient selection

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