Synergeyes Accreditation

Welcome to our online SynergEyes Practitioner Accreditation. Below you will find links to the training program for SynergEyes A and the SynergEyes ClearKone accreditation page. Just follow the instructions to start enjoying the benefits of being an accredited SynegEyes contact lens fitter. Training Program for SynergEyes A

Click the link below, view the video and follow the instructions.


SynergEyes ClearKone

To become accredited to fit SynergEyes ClearKone, please:


    1. Download the accompanying PDF.
    2. Click HERE to view the accreditation VIDEO and complete the MCQ test that follows.


Once you've completed the test, you will be asked to send your answers to No7 Contact Lenses. We will then assess your responses and email you with the results and what you should do next.

Please ensure you provide your practice address with your answers. If you are an existing No7 customer, please also confirm your account number.


Further Training



Katie Harrop MCOptom.

Professional Services Manager