SafeGel FRP

SafeGel takes a unique approach to all-day comfort by being the ONLY contact lens material to incorporate the natural bio-polymer sodium hyaluronate.

2-Weekly Replacement Lens

Safegel FRP is a new mid-water, 2-weekly replacement lens for daily wear. Safegel FRP is ideal for patients:

  • whose comfort deteriorates before the end of their wearing time
  • whose comfort deteriorates before the end of a monthly cycle
  • who are happy with routine lens care

Slow Release

The continual slow-release of sodium hyaluronate from within the lens matrix means that Safegel FRP offers conventional disposable hydrogel wearers an unbeatable feeling of comfort and lubrication throughout an entire fortnight.

The Complete Package

To ensure an even better service for your patients, No7 Contact Lenses has joined with AMO to supply you with new Complete® MPS Easy Rub™ Formula with Safegel FRP. New Complete® is ideally suited for use with Safegel FRP lenses and its ‘easy-rub formula’ encourages compliance with the essential rub & rinse step. Combine a 12-week supply of Safegel FRP with a 12-week supply of Complete® and your patient has all they need for safer, more comfortable contact lens wear.

  • Unbeatable feeling of comfort
  • Fantastic lubrication throughout the wearing period
  • Optimum release of sodium hyaluronate
Material Hyaluronate-gel
Water Content 50%
Tint Light blue
UV Protection Yes
Base Curve 8.60 mm
Diameter 14.10mm
  -0.50 to -6.00 (0.25 steps)
-6.00 to -16.00 (0.50 steps)
+0.75 to +4.00 (0.25 steps)
+4.00 to +6.00 (0.50 steps)
Centre Thickness 0.10mm (centre -3.00)
Front Curve Aspheric
Pack Size 6 lenses

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