Reflex Toric (Prism Ballast)

A high water-content SiHy soft lens with an extensive parameter range - the ideal choice for the specialist practitioner.

To order Reflex SV as a 3-monthly or 1-monthly replacement lens please call our friendly team on: 01424 850620

The Reflex Toric (Prism Ballast) is a 74% water-content soft lens designed for even the highest prescriptions. Reflex Toric is the new generation of our highly successful range of soft back Toric lenses. A new computer software controls the CNC lathe that lenticulates the front surface, reducing thickness to provide improved stability and excellent visual accuity.

Combining our new manufacturing technology with our vast experience in the production of toric lenses, we have designed this new lens for optimal performance and increased comfort. The advanced Silicone Hydrogel material with 74% water content gives very high oxygen transmissibility to the cornea. This material provides low modulus, excellent wettability making the Reflex Toric PB lens comfortable for customers with normal and dry eyes and prevents deposit retention on the lens surface.

The lens is available in a wide range of parameters.

„„When choosing the BC, add 0.5 to 0.7 mm to the FLAT K value. Calculate BVC for the spectacles prescription sphere and cylinder. Use the LARS rule to calculate the
cylinder axis. For your convenience, send us the K reading, spectacle prescription and special demands and we will calculate the first choice lens for you.


  • 74% water-content lens with an extensive parameter range
  • For correction of corneal and partial residual astigmatism
Material Definitive Silicone Hydrogel as standard
Other materials available on request
Manufacturing Process Lathe Cut
DK 60
Base Curve 8.60mm std
or 7.00 to 10.50 in 0.10 steps
Diameter 14.50 (standard), or 12.00 mm to 17.00 in 0.10 steps
Power Range -20.00 to +20.00 (0.25D Steps)
Centre Thickness 0.19 mm @ -3.00DS
Oxygen Permeability (DK) 60
Cylinder Up to -15.00DS
Axis Any
Lens Design: Front Lenticulated with prism ballast
     Back Back surface toric
Handling Tint Blue
Orientation Mark Single mark at 6 o clock
Packaging Vial

Powers outside above range are available on request.
Dynamic Stabilization also available - TD60

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