Reflex Kera

Reflex Kera is designed specifically for irregular astigmatism. The lens design has a number of features which allow it to combine the best of soft lens materials with visual rehabilitation that patients with irregular astigmatism need.

Irregular astigmatism has numerous causes and provides some of the most challenging fits that contact lens practitioners face. Irregular astigmatism can result from diseases such as keratoconus and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, injury or infection and following surgical procedures such as LASIK, penetrating keratoplasty and INTACS.

For prolate corneas such as those found in keratoconus the practitioner is advised to start with the 7.60 base curve. For oblate corneas such as those found after refractive surgery or on some grafts the practitioner should start with the 7.90 base curve. The diagnostic lens should be allowed to settle for a minimum of 10 minutes before the movement and centration is analysed.

After 10 minutes the lens can be assessed for movement. If movement exceeds 1mm on blink then the lens should be removed and replaced with a diagnostic lens with a steeper base curve. Lenses that have a base curve that is too flat may also exhibit fluting of the edge. If movement of less than 0.5mm on blink is observed then a flatter base curve should be selected. Lenses that have a base curve that is too steep may show trapped air bubbles that do not dissipate after the 10 minute settling period.

Once the correct base curve has been selected the lens should be allowed to settle for a further 20 minutes, i.e 30 minutes in total, to enable the tear lens to fully form behind the lens and the fenestrations to equalise the pressure and settle the lens completely on to the cornea.

Reflex Kera is fitted from a 5 lens fitting set. The fitting set has lenses with base curves of 7.00 - 8.20mm in 0.30 steps.

  • Material is the same used in the UK's market leading soft lens for irregular corneas
  • High level of DK that promotes corneal health
Base Curve 6.70 to 8.80 in 0.10 steps
Powers +10.00 to -20.00 in 0.25 steps
DK 60
Diameters 14.20mm
Cylinder Up to -7.00
Axis Any

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