Multicurve Toric

Standard toric multicurve RGP, in a material of your choice

Standard multicurve toric RGP, in a material of your choice.

  • Clear distance vision
  • Clear near vision
  • Easy to fit
  • High success rate
  • True binocular vision
  • Long term patient satisfaction
  • Simulated fitting and ordering software availa
Materials DK60, DK90, SGP, SGP2 - Others available - Multicurve Custom
Radii Flattest meridian 7.00 to 9.00 in 0.05mm steps
Max Difference Flat/Steep 2.0mm
Total Diameters 8.80 - 10.00mm in 0.10 steps
B.V. Power Range +25.00 to - 25.00 in 0.25D steps
Cyl -0.25 to -12.00 in 0.25 steps
F.O.Z.D 8.00 to 6.00mm depending on B.V.P. and toricity
Edge Thickness .012mm
Central Thickness Minimum 0.12mm

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