Keratron Scout Topographer

Compact, transportable, adaptable. All this combined with industry-leading levels of accuracy make the Keratron Scout Topographer ideal for any practice situation.

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Advanced industrial design and high miniaturisation technology has resulted in a practical and manageable unit which ensures the same features of precision and reliability that have made Keratron the reference topographer in the field.

Keratron Scout's operability can be adapted to each user's requirements through a variety of options:

  • On a slit lamp by means of a slide adaptor plugged in the tonometer hole, the operator can use the joystick of the lamp to precisely align the instrument with the patient's eye. The Scout can be set in a lateral position with the completely lengthened slide to use the slit lamp freely.
  • In replacement of the keratometer a joystick unit can be situated giving the operator full control over patient and topographer alignment. Alternatively, if space permits, an electric table can be used to house the joystick and Scout topographer. This gives the operator the freedom to situate the equipment where they please.
  • By inserting a battery power supply module into its base the Scout becomes portable. Measurements are easy to acquire and reliable thanks to the headrest device and the "repeatability check" feature.
  • The intra-operative weight-balanced arm ensures easy alignment of a reclining patient's eye even if the patient is not able to fixate. The degrees of movement, the display controls and software features like the "Move axis" make intra-operative use easy for any operator. The disposable covers guarantee sterility of the operating field and surgeon.

  • Portable, slit lamp-mounted, joystick-mounted and intra-operative configurations
  • 10mm x 14mm (visible on the monitor) area of analysis
  • Calibration set included
  • Over 80,000 analysed points
  • 7,168 measured points
  • Coverage from 0.33mm (minimum diameter on a 43D sphere) up to 11mm on a normal eye
  • 90% of the corneal surface are measured
  • Dioptric power range from 1D to over 120D
  • +/- 0.01D, 1 micron of resolution
  • Eye Positioning Control System EPCS (patented) automatic acquisition, with decentration correction focusing device
  • High resolution (C.C.I.R.) video camera
  • 4" B&W on-board monitor
  • Weighs 1kg approx


  • Absolute, Normalized and Adjustable dioptric scales
  • Keratometric values include, K-readings, Meridians, Hemimeridians, Maloney indices, Eccentricity
  • Pupil border detection, diameter and decentration
  • Local curvature, axial curvature and wavefront OPD maps
  • Repeatability accuracy screening
  • Management of one or more independent databases shareable in a network.
  • 1 click links to No7's iLink and EyeLite software
Operating System MS Windows - XP, Vista, 7
Processor Memory Pentium III 450MHz, 64 Mb RAM
Disk Space Internal 10 Gb HD
Monitor Super VGA color monitor 14'', 1024x768 points, 16 million colors
Interface 1 USB Port

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