Developed by No7 Contact Lenses specifically with time-pressured practices in mind, new ICON provides a refreshingly simple answer to your RGP fitting needs.

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Faced with an overwhelming choice of lens designs, materials and fitting techniques, today's busy practitioners need a simple-to-fit, cost-effective RGP lens that delivers predictable results in the maximum number of patients, whether they're new to RGP lens wear or accustomed wearers.

Enter ICON - the new lens that provides a reassuringly simple and convenient solution to your RGP fitting needs.

ICON MULTICURVE - Intuitive Fitting

Now you can upgrade patients from older multicurve lenses with complete confidence. ICON boasts all the attributes of the leading multicurve lenses, helping to ensure excellent first fit success rates and reduced chair time. With its constant average thickness and constant tear layer profile, which is irrespective of lens power, predictability of fit is assured. What's more, ICON facilitates excellent tear flow, ensuring easy lens removal whilst also maintaining ocular health for the patient.

ICON ASPHERIC - Optimal Comfort

The ideal option when you prefer to fit aspheric lenses rather than multicurve designs, ICON Aspheric uses an aspheric periphery for optimal patient comfort and adaptation. Plus it's made from premium Boston materials that resist deposits, helping to maintain a clean lens surface and deliver enhanced wettability and exceptional wearing comfort.

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    • Fitting to the flattest keratometry reading will provide acceptable first fit lens, regardless of corneal radius.
    • Produces a consistent fluorescein pattern under the central zone with approximate 0.5mm fluorescein band at periphery. Movement of 1-2mm on blinking is ideal.
    • A flat fit (below)will show excessive movement and a fluorescein pattern demonstrating excessive peripheral standoff.
    • ICON designs maintain a CAT profile across the core lens powers. Outside the range (- 11.00 to +16.00D) ICON back surface design can be applied but this will fall outside the CAT design criteria.
    • A steep fit (below) will reveal fluorescein pooling under the lens centre, inadequate peripheral standoff and reduced lens movement.
    • Larger lens diameters usually deliver better lens stability and centration, so 9.80mm diameter lenses will be supplied unless otherwise stated or requested by the practitioner.

Figure 1: Flat Fit

Figure 2: Steep Lens Fit

Figure 3: Optimal Fit


  • Outstanding Comfort
  • Easy-to-fit
  • Healthy lens wear
  • Convenience
  • Clear vision
  • Constant Average Profile (CAT) thickness
Material Boston EO and Boston XO as standard, all other materials upon request
Dk XO=200, Range 6/EO=58, Range 3
Powers -25.00 to +25.00D in.025 increments
Average Thickness 0.18mm on all powers
Diameters 9.30 and 9.80mm on all powers
Base Curves 7.00-9.00mm in 0.05mm increments
Tint ICON Blue


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