About Us - Our Promise

No7 Promises 123You want the best for your customers. At No7 Contact Lenses we have the energy, enthusiasm and commitment to help you achieve this goal, delivering innovative products and services that will add value to your business and help your patients achieve the sense of health and well being they deserve.

Through decades of growth we have evolved, creatively adapting to trends and demands; leading the market in specialised ocular health by developing and utilising pioneering technologies that can benefit all.

To reflect our philosophy of continual progress we offer 3 promises, aimed at communicating our dedication and commitment to you, your customers and the industry. These 3 promises are to:

  1. Always provide products of exceptional quality
  2. Develop and introduce vision care solutions for everybody
  3. Educate and inform

These promises, through our relentless desire to keep moving forward, permeate and guide every aspect of our organisation:

Always Provide Products of Exceptional Quality | ‘Growth’

We want to grow your business. This growth is founded on the quality of service and product we can offer you and your patients. Our ambition is to exceed in every way and we tirelessly strive to source the best materials, techniques and personnel to achieve this.

Develop and Introduce Vision Care Solutions for Everybody | ‘Differentiate’

On today’s competitive high street and since the inception of on-line contact lens vendors, this has been the maxim of many optical retailers. Our products and services span the spectrum of vision care solutions. From dietary supplements that combat degenerative ocular disease, to lenses that correct your vision while you sleep, we provide products that ensure you always have an answer for your patient’s needs and a reason to stand out from your competitors.

Educate and Inform | ‘The Future’

The best is yet to come and our dedication to the industry stems from a desire to continue improving the lives and well-being of those we serve. Through on-going educational programmes we can help you deliver this now and ensure that future generations of eye care professionals are always in a position to offer the full variety of products and services available to patients.

You want the best for your customers – so do we.

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